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Re: DFSG: Do we really need a rewrite? or Just clarifications? (was Re: DFSG2: The patch exception)

Manoj wrote:

> 	The DFSG is the goal, in this model. The new DFSC are merely
>  rules that help us achieve the DFSG, and are only in place because
>  the DFSG may not be as explicit as it could be. The DFSC is our
>  interpretation and clarification of the DFSG.

Seconded (or fifthed or whatever :)

Zephaniah wrote:

> Why do we need a DFSC? I've heard lots of talk about it not being overly
> vague and not very explicit, but I have not heard much in the way of
> specific cases where this has come into play..
> And I have heard no reasons why we should not add the small notes here
> and there to the DFSG if/when such cases do come up, if at some point
> the changes become excessive, then yes, we should take a good hard,
> long, look at splitting them off into a DFSC or the like, but at the
> moment? Why?

IMO, Ian has done an impressive piece of work that will be a very useful
vehicle for Debian discussions over the next years as a background document
helping us identify the borderline cases that may require interpretation of
the DFSG.

Personally I prefer and use the GPL but I have met people who avoid using
it merely because of its length.  This would be a silly problem for Debian
to have with potential redistributors.

So keeping the current DFSG is, as I have said before, a very important
thing for the continuity of Debian's identity.


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