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Re: Draft new DFSG - r1.4

John wrote:

> The advertising clause applies only to distribution.  The SWI clause
> appears to apply to mere use.

Here is the clause in question:

   6.  If you base research on SWI-Prolog and publish on  this  research,
 you   must   include  appropriate  acknowledgements  and  references  to
 SWI-Prolog in your publication.

Only when you publish academic results that *you* based on SWI-Prolog do
you have to acknowledge.


> What if I write a system utility in SWI Prolog?  Someone might use it in
> their research and not even know that they are using SWI Prolog.

My intepretation would be that this is perfectly legal: either the utility
was published about and then the acknowledgement is there.  Or it wasn't
and all is well since the potential researcher did not base *her* research
on SWI-Prolog.  Sic.

I say, let's keep it free: it is not a major nuisance (but a minor one, i
agree :)


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