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Re: DFSG2: The patch exception -- edge case

Some software, i.e., big lisp programs, can, at start or at runtime,
read a 'patch' file (i.e., in lisp) which can basically completely
alter the program.  I.e., every single procedure and variable can be
changed (even quite complex, meta-object classes and the like) at

Suppose the author of a big lisp package stipulates that the source is
under the GPL, with the caveat that any modification should be kept in
separate patch files which can be automtically loaded at startup (or
at any point, actually).  Suppose the author felt she needed to do
this in order to manage the many various patches for a complex,
actively-developed program.  Morever, the patches may be distributed
with the main program, provided that they are kept in their own little
files in their own little area.

Would this break the patch clause?  Functionally, there is no
difference between patches as separate files and actual patches to the
original source except for a slight difference in startup times.

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