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Re: Initial Proposal to solve this non-US issue

Previously john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Mine allows her to refer to your list of known restrictions and then make
> up her own mind.  The number of restricted packages is always going to be
> small, and the maintainers of those packages the experts on restrictions.

To give an example why this is a bad idea and Raul's extra layer is
much better: see a country Bogomania suddenly decides that any program
using crypto is illegal. Using your scheme *every* packages that does
something crypto-related has to be reuploaded with a new tag to say
that it may not be used in Bogomania. Using Raul's scheme you would
only have to modify 1 item in a list.

> That requires a central authority to create and maintain a database of all
> known restriction types and countries.  A single screw-up and it hoses all
> restricted packages.  I dislike central authorities.

Screw up a single Packages file on master and all mirrors are hosed. We need
central bookkeeping for some things, you can't avoid that.

> A relatively rare event, I think, and one that a restricted package
> maintainer is likely to become aware of as soon as anyone else.

Do you really think that if a small country with 2000 inhabitants would
change it law the maintainer will know/hear about it? Get real.


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