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Re: Initial Proposal to solve this non-US issue

>>"John" == John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:

 John> Raul Miller wrote:
 >> Each country with restrictions should have a profile which
 >> indicates those restrictions [and, for software patents,
 >> there should be an expiration date].

 John> How about asking each maintainer to include in her package a list of
 John> countries that the package must be kept out of?

	Firstly, this puts too much of a burden on the maintainer. I
 have little idea about the laws of my state, and then there are
 federal laws, and then laws of other countries -- international law
 requires several years of training.

	Secondly, this also opens up the maintianer to the liability
 of practicing law (giving legal advice does indeed come under that
 heading, at least according to my lawyer). This is why we do not
 further distinguish between non-free packages.

	If I think a package is fine in Germany (when it really is
 not); and a german citizen is in vioation of the law, won't they in
 turn call upon the culpability of the maintainer who said it was all


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