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Re: Initial Proposal to solve this non-US issue

Raul wrote:
> > Your proposal localizes the responsibility. Mine provides a distinct
> > interface layer between defining the issues and defining the
> > implications of those issues.

john@dhh.gt.org <john@dhh.gt.org> wrote:
> Baffle.  I can't see the difference between your proposal and mine.

Mine has other people building the list of restrictions, which the
developer just refers to.  Yours puts all that responsibility on the

I think that it makes a lot more sense for the developer to just say
Restrictions: crypto, gif

You think it makes more sense for the developer to track the list of
countries which currently have cryptography laws, updating the package
as laws are passed, and that it makes more sense to have the developer
re-issue the package when the Unisys patent expires.


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