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Re: Initial Proposal to solve this non-US issue

On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 at 08:45:55PM -0600, john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Raul Miller writes:
> > Mine has other people building the list of restrictions, which the
> > developer just refers to.  Yours puts all that responsibility on the
> > developer.
> Mine allows her to refer to your list of known restrictions and then make
> up her own mind.  The number of restricted packages is always going to be
> small, and the maintainers of those packages the experts on restrictions.

What is there to make up their mind about? It's not hit and miss with
these import export restrictions, they are all the same for each type of
restriction, and if we are going to support this format there needs to be
some consistency. We don't want a user to get two restricted packages that
have the same 'type' of restriction, but see somewhat conflicting
information concerning the restrictions scope. Plus if the import/export
restrictions are centrally maintained, any updates would be more timely in
that it wouldn't require every package under that restriction to be
re-released, just the database.

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