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Re: EURO patch

On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 at 04:07:18AM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Tom Lees wrote:
> > Either it will fail, or global currency unification will eventually happen,
> Huh? There have been plans for European cooperation and even a joint currency
> for a long long time now, and there have never been serious talk about a
> global effort in the same direction. So this seems like a very premature
> remark at least.

My point was meant to be that long-term it will eventually die, one way
or the other.

> > Besides, why does the EURO matter? The only currency symbol that currently
> > works on my keyboard (under Linux) is the dollar, and I imagine that this
> > is the case for many others.
> Dutch people happily use the `f' as a currency symbol, which happens
> to work fine with really old, old and new keyboards :)
> Still, a lot of Europen currencies will be replaces by the Euro in the
> next couple of years (final switch will be somewhere in 2002), so it
> is really an issue.

No, just write "E500.00" or whatever. OR "euro 500.0".
Same way I would write "GBP 200.00". Only more convenient because
the euro symbol looks like an "E". Also eg there is no symbol for
French Francs, and the french are not having any major economic
breakdown because of it. The font and symbol is a minor minor
minor issue compared to fixing the way people process and do their
accounts, how tax is handled, etc., etc. That was really the
thrust of my argument.

If the euro symbol is to be supported by us (as a DISTRIBUTION, not
an application as eg console-utils and X are doing), we should also get
Yen and Pound/Lira symbols working properly also.

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