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Re: EURO patch

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> writes:

Tom> My point was meant to be that long-term it will eventually die,
Tom> one way or the other.

Isn't this nitpicking?

Tom> Only more convenient because the euro symbol looks like an
Tom> "E". Also eg there is no symbol for French Francs, and the french
Tom> are not having any major economic breakdown because of it. The
Tom> font and symbol is a minor minor minor issue compared to fixing
Tom> the way people process and do their accounts, how tax is handled,
Tom> etc., etc. That was really the thrust of my argument.

Two issues here:

  1) The symbol for the French Franc is "F", really "F", not something 
     that happens to look like "F".

  2) I won't be happy if I have to answer "But my Microsoft
     based system is able to do an Euro symbol, why can't I do the
     same thing with Debian?"

Tom> If the euro symbol is to be supported by us (as a DISTRIBUTION,
Tom> not an application as eg console-utils and X are doing), we
Tom> should also get Yen and Pound/Lira symbols working properly also.

I don't get your point: we support some editors as a distribution, but 
not all of them. Don't run into "If we don't get them all we shouldn't 
get any at all". If we can add the Euro symbol, then let's do it, and
if we can also add the Yen, why not?

Samuel Tardieu -- sam@debian.org

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