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Re: EURO patch

Previously Tom Lees wrote:
> Either it will fail, or global currency unification will eventually happen,

Huh? There have been plans for European cooperation and even a joint currency
for a long long time now, and there have never been serious talk about a
global effort in the same direction. So this seems like a very premature
remark at least.

> Besides, why does the EURO matter? The only currency symbol that currently
> works on my keyboard (under Linux) is the dollar, and I imagine that this
> is the case for many others.

Dutch people happily use the `f' as a currency symbol, which happens
to work fine with really old, old and new keyboards :)

Still, a lot of Europen currencies will be replaces by the Euro in the
next couple of years (final switch will be somewhere in 2002), so it
is really an issue.


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