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Re: QT non-free but becoming compatible to debian? (was Re: Qt license change)

On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 01:16:39PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> I think we should investigate the license now. If it's DFSG free, we should
> put out a press release stating that Qt 2.0 and KDE will go into debian
> again.

Agreed. Let's put that this press release out asap.

> I wonder if our recent drop of KDE precipited this change in the license at
> all?

Maybe people watch mostly for RedHat, but I doubt this is unrelated. KDE is
THE most visible application of qt. And the license discussions have made it
to Troll Tech of course. After all Matthias Ettrich works for Troll Tech.
And the discussion + removal by Debian caused quite a lot of publicity.

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