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Re: QT non-free but becoming compatible to debian? (was Re: Qt license change)

In the message identified as <19981118131639.G386@kitenet.net>, Joey Hess said:

> Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de wrote:
> > It is too early for that. Qt 2.0 is not treleased. However, as soon as it
> > is, KDE and Qt may enter the main distribution (if a careful investgation
> > of the license shows no problems).
> I think we should investigate the license now. If it's DFSG free, we should
> put out a press release stating that Qt 2.0 and KDE will go into debian
> again.

That's probably a good idea; if anything, debian folx can at least track any

> I wonder if our recent drop of KDE precipited this change in the license at
> all?

I would think it had at least some effect. I think also trolltech might have
been considering it, since a free license may have been their original 
intent. Also effective has been all the attention given to open source,
especially the halloween docs. If so, maybe trolltech is stating their
support for the position of free software.


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