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Re: CD Creation Tool


> I would be nice to have dependencies, so when creating a set of CDs,
> it only remakes the once that changed.

Think that's a good idea. But don't know how to manage that because many
users create many CD's for other users... And the versions of the packages
are not the same. 

But I think about a parameter which can tell the program to save the current
versions as a custom setting. Then it would be very easy to tell the program
to create an update-disk for these users using this release...

debian-cd --save-profile mydebrelease2.1.981201

(You will want to write this also onto the cd cover or to burn this
information onto the disc)

and to create a update disk:

debian-cd --update-disk mydebrelease2.1.981201 --save-profile

then the mydebrelease2.1.981201 (can) be deleted and the next profile is
stored into mydebrelease 2.1.981212 :)))

What do you think??

> How should understnd your perl code? I found that perl is a language
> where even a one line is incomprehensible to non masters of perl.

I don't use these tricky things... I also want to be able to read my own
source :-)))

And of course there are comments where it is necessary... :)

> Does it work for hamm, slink, potato?

yes... But we only continue to work on debian-cd as soon as we have an
Official Debian CD Standard (we are developing this one on the debian-cd
mailing list.)

Anyone can get the last version if you send me a mail. Or you join the
debian-cd mailing list... please help us to develop this thing... I'll post
the standard to the debian-devel as soon as it is finished...


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