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Re: CD Creation Tool

Gerhard Poul <gp@atnet.at> writes:

> Hi,
> > This alone is not accepted as reason for being faster.  It just shows your
> > dislike of make.
> No... Both are features... it's fast _and_ there are no Makefiles... :)))
> I don't dislike make... But I don't use it for programming scripts...
> It's really okay for the purpose it was built for ...
>        The purpose of the make utility is to determine  automati-
>        cally  which  pieces  of a large program need to be recom-
>        piled, and issue the commands  to  recompile  them.
> But I don't use it for creating cd's :)))

I would be nice to have dependencies, so when creating a set of CDs,
it only remakes the once that changed.

> And perl is _really_ easy to modify I think... (What do you think??)

How should understnd your perl code? I found that perl is a language
where even a one line is incomprehensible to non masters of perl.

Unless you write good comments and keep the syntax easy, reading your
script will be hell.

> > How fare have you gone?
> hmmm... It's able to create cd's for all architectures (but it works only on
> a filesystem (also nfs) but it's not able to create cd's off an http or ftp
> server...)

Does it work for hamm, slink, potato?
Have a look at mc, or libtricks to make a ftp/http-fs. Libtricks might 
slow the thing down, but normally ftp isn't that fast to make a
difference (If you have >1MB/s, you probably have nfs or better access).

> > That's something we don't know currently.  Can you provide me with the
> > current snapshot of your tool?  Perhaps r/o access to your CVS repository?
> Think that's possible in a few days when we have applied all modifications
> we want to make to the program and we create a CVS repository ... 
> (because it started one night when we wanted to create a debian-alpha
> cd-rom... :))) so it wasn't really important to have a cvs repository until
> now... and it's stored on 3 different computers and we have to put the
> together and import it to the cvs repository...)
> > This comes to my mind as requirements:
> thanks for these things. If you have some other ideas please let us know!!
> We are very interested in these things!!
> >   . Different configuration files for cd-roms
> >   . Automatic creation of directories, links
> >   . Copying / hardlinking of files
> >   . Creation of Packages and Packages.cd files
> >   . Maybe creation of Contents- files
> >   . Creation of additional files
> >   . Splitting the distribution according to some to-be-defined rules
> >   . Correct handling of binary-$arch and binary-all dirs
> >   . Multiarchitectuer
> >   . Ways to create botable cd's / not-bootable ones
> >   . Ways to create cd nr. n from the whole set of m cd's
>    . Creating cd's from an http or ftp server (?)
>    . Reading the different cdrom sizes from a file (the user only tells
>      the program which cd he uses...)

     - Stabling of symlinks between distributions.
     - Keeping symlinks to binary-all, if multi-arch CD-sets are wanted.

> What we need:
>     . rules for "official" debian standard cd-roms
>     . A general installation procedure which installs from multiple
>       mediums I think. Because it'd be possible then to install from DVD,
>       ZIP, or JAZ then...
> don't know more at the moment. Please mail all your comments and ideas to
> me.

Would it be to hard to include a demo filesystem, that can be started
directly form the CD/zip/jaz/dvd/dos-fs/<medium with enough space>.  I
thing this would eat up ~20-40 MB of one cD, but it would be real nice
to just try Debian or as a rescue system.

I've done this for m68k and I did it for i386 sometime ago. I also
want to make a debian package of a "rescue medium buildscript" once/if 
I become a maintainer. Maybe I should package that up and stick it
onto an ftp server.

Planned features include (but not limited to :):
 -- running on a native partition (e.g. dos)
 -- running on zip/jaz/cd
 -- running via nfs
 -- running via ftp (if I can work out an ftp-fs)

Booting should be possible via bootdisk, of the medium, nfs or from

Included should be the basic unix tools (as a rescue system) and some
nice showoff programms for showing and playing around (e.g. xbill,
xaos,...) [Yes, X could be on there in a slimed down fashion].

If such a demo/rescue system is wanted, I can raise its priority on my 
todolist, so that it could be vailable with slink.

May the Source be with you.

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