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Re: CD Creation Tool

Gerhard Poul wrote:
> > on 3 Sep 1998 you announced on debian-devel that you and a friend of
> > you are implementing a new cd-creation tool from which you said it
> > would be powerful than debian-cd.
> yup... It should be faster ... and there are no Makefiles :)))

This alone is not accepted as reason for being faster.  It just shows your
dislike of make.

> > Could you please get in touch with either me or the Debian group and
> > tell us the status of this tool.
> hmmm.. we are developing this tool at the moment... If someone tells us what
> you need we would be happy to do that...

How fare have you gone?

> We'd be very happy if someone can make a feature list and a program
> description about what the program should be able to do. 

That's something we don't know currently.  Can you provide me with the
current snapshot of your tool?  Perhaps r/o access to your CVS repository?

This comes to my mind as requirements:

  . Different configuration files for cd-roms
  . Automatic creation of directories, links
  . Copying / hardlinking of files
  . Creation of Packages and Packages.cd files
  . Maybe creation of Contents- files
  . Creation of additional files
  . Splitting the distribution according to some to-be-defined rules
  . Correct handling of binary-$arch and binary-all dirs
  . Multiarchitectuer
  . Ways to create botable cd's / not-bootable ones
  . Ways to create cd nr. n from the whole set of m cd's

I'm sure there are more.  I've just finished a cd-recreation tool, thus I
know there are problems.

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