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Unmet dependencies in slink


I made a quick check of the Packages file from slink and found
these possible showstoppers:

I wonder what we're going to do about them.  Wichert, can you monitor
them?  I guess I shall files some bug reports.

Package: crypt++el 2.84-3
  Unmet recommendation: mailcrypt
Package: vrwave 0.9-1
  Unmet dependency: jdk1.1-runtime|jdk-shared|jdk-static
Package: vrwave 0.9-1
  Unmet dependency: unzip
Package: mutt 0.94.15-2
  Unmet recommendation: gnupg
Package: yorick-dev 1.4-9
  Unmet dependency: xdevel
Package: boot-floppies 2.0.11
  Unmet dependency: slang0.99.38-pic
Package: tguile1.3 1997.05.08-2
  Unmet recommendation: libguile3-doc
Package: geomview
  Unmet recommendation: geomview-contrib
Package: geomview
  Unmet recommendation: mesag2
Package: xlockmore-gl 4.12-1
  Unmet dependency: mesag2
Package: most 4.7-1.1
  Unmet dependency: slang0.99.38

Package: debian-cd 2.0.2
  Unmet dependency: unzip

Does anybody object about its removal?  It doesn't work with slink 
sincd a CD can only contain about 650 megabytes.



Experience is a useful thing.  Unfortunately it is only acquired
just after one could have used it.

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