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Re: developer status again

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> > This is actually a large part of the current backlog; I can no
> > longer do this as my phone bill money now goes into paying for my
> > net connection (as opposed to the University helpfully dealing
> > with that for me previously).  When I'm able to call people again,
> > it won't just be Joey and things should go a lot smoother.
> Hm. It seems a large percentage of debian developers come from the
> US - do you have a team member in the US who can call them more
> cheaply?

Yes, Igor and Klee; unfortunately both of them are busy at the
moment. :-P

[The situation will sort itself out though as I can't go on the way I
am right now, so things should change and then I'll be able to call
again. RSN.]


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