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Re: developer status again

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         That is easy to say when someone else has to do the work. And
>  no, not anyone can volunteer and sign up for approving new
>  developers, since this is a position with a lot of responsibility,
>  and judgement, and the people doing this have to be well known and
>  trusted.

My application to become a Debian Developer was approved in just a few
days about a year back - Somebody all the way from Germany (I was
impressed that a totally volunteer effort like Debian had people
committed enopugh to spend money on international calls to help people
becoming developers) called me up at work and chatted with me for 5
minutes ("Do you know Jamie Zawinski?" ;-) and that was it.

You know, I always wondered - what do the volunteers approving
prospective developers look for?  If I had replied "Jamie Who?" whould
my applications to become a developer have been approved?

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