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Re: developer status again

Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com> writes:

> My application to become a Debian Developer was approved in just a few
> days about a year back

``A satisfied customer... we should have him stuffed''

> (I was impressed that a totally volunteer effort like Debian had
> people committed enopugh to spend money on international calls to
> help people becoming developers)

This is actually a large part of the current backlog; I can no longer
do this as my phone bill money now goes into paying for my net
connection (as opposed to the University helpfully dealing with that
for me previously).  When I'm able to call people again, it won't just
be Joey and things should go a lot smoother.

> You know, I always wondered - what do the volunteers approving
> prospective developers look for?  If I had replied "Jamie Who?"
> whould my applications to become a developer have been approved?

Of course not... ;)


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