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Re: developer status again

Bo Branten <bosse@ing.umu.se> writes:

> Ossama Othman wrote:
> > Sorry to bother the devel list with this but it's been close to
> > two months since I applied for developer status but still haven't
> > gotten any word.  I recently e-mailed new-maintainer@debian.org
> > but received no reply.
> I think think is unacebtable!

Bully for you.  For my pointless complaint of the day: I think that
genocide is unacceptable.

> [...] he should be treated with respect and that includes getting an
> answer on the new-maintainer request within a week.

Respect... that's an interesting idea.  Does that involve not sending
repeated copies of large mails to the new maintainer people when you
don't get a reply in a time frame you like, Bo?  If it does I'd like
some of that respect...

[For the record; Bo *has* had an answer from the new maintainer people
(I had to answer him, before he cost me more money), yes, it was late
(two weeks after his original request or so), but I apologised for
that already, and there really isn't much I can do about it short of
emigrating to a country where local calls are un-timed]


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