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Re: developer status again

>>"Bo" == Bo Branten <bosse@ing.umu.se> writes:

 Bo> I think think is unacebtable!

	That is easy to say when someone else has to do the work. And
 no, not anyone can volunteer and sign up for approving new
 developers, since this is a position with a lot of responsibility,
 and judgement, and the people doing this have to be well known and

 Bo> If someone is interested in becoming a package maintainer and put
 Bo> a lot of work in building a package with a program he think is
 Bo> usable to the debian comunity he should be treated with respect

	While not commenting on the respect bit (oh, we should
 certainly treat peole with respect), interest, ability, motivation
 and effort are not the sole criteria for becoming a debian

 Bo> and that includes getting an answer on the new-maintainer request
 Bo> within a week.

	Shall I send you an address to send in money for a paycheck?

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