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Re: developer status again

[I'm sort of upset so this mail might be offending.]

Bo Branton wrote:
> I think think is unacebtable! If someone is interested in becoming a
> package maintainer and put a lot of work in building a package with a
> program he think is usable to the debian comunity he should be treated
> with respect and that includes getting an answer on the
> new-maintainer request within a week.

I also think this is inacceptable.

 a) Somebody (B) is trying to force some other folk (J2) to spend
    their time only on B.  It is their free time and they (J2) have to
    decide what has higher priority.  The day has only 24hours
    (currently) and some of us do have a real life where they study,
    work, have a family or g/f or similar.

 b) I'm pretty sure I already sent you a mail that your request was
    received and had been postponed.  If you can't accept it you can't
    work with a free project.  I'm sorry!  Stop spreading FUD all
    over. (Speaking about my private priority list wrt new-maintainer,
    your request's priority has just been decreased.)

 c) If you spent "a lot of time" in packaging some software you should
    be able to wait some more time to get accepted.  Btw. you weren't
    active neither on debian-devel nor on debian-mentors before you
    sent in your request.

 d) If you want to speed up things, why don't you work on things that
    are really urgently needed?

    . We have no cd-creation tool.
    . We have no definitive way of splitting the main archive.
    . We have nobody working on this issue.
    . We have unmet packages dependencies.
    . We have packages in main that depend or recommend packages
      outside of main.
    . Do we have a current installation manual?
    . There is still a lot of work to do for the boot-floppies.  I
      begin to realize that *only* Enrique is working on this.

    Work on this and present us with solutions and then come back and
    nag the people who are trying to resolve these issues instead of
    processing a new maintainer who would - in the worst case - only
    introduce new bugs.

 e) What makes you think that your tiny package is more important than
    the other 2500 packages in main?

Zephaniah wrote:
> Interesting, as NO ONE seems to know who actually does it...

So you want to join a group of nobody's?  Give me a reason for that.

> Also might it be reasonable for said people to reduce the number of
> packages they maintain so what time they do have could be spent
> processing new maintainers instead of digging through bug reports and
> such? (Work which could be filled in by say, the new maintainers?)

Cool.  Look at d) and take over them.

Please pick packages with long-standing open bugs and *FIX THEM*
before just spreading junk.

If you haven't noticed yet, we're about to freeze the distribution and
this has a much higher priority than approving new maintainer
that... look at the end of d) in the list above.

Zephaniah wrote:
> How about opening the positions for handling new maintainers?

Huh?  If people want to work on a particular job they are always
invited to ask for help.  Wrt. new-maintainer this has happened a year
ago when we took over it because *nothing* happened.  Like I said
above, preparing the new release has a much higher priority.  Wait and
become happily a part of the project or continue to spread FUD and
retract your submission.

> First someone steps up and says they want to, then a vote is called (or
> it is handled the same way policy changes now are), if the vote passes
> then they get the position, simple..

Aha, so you want your request be processed in half a year?  Fine with

> I'd offer to submit a proposal for a policy change however I'm not a
> developer yet.. *cough*

Isn't everybody able to make *proposals*?  Wether the policy team
accepts them as regular topic is up to them.

I'm currently preparing Debian for a large bookware distribution in
Germany.  This will spread the words of free software to *many* new
people who have never gotton in touch with free software, partially
even with non-ms software, before.  Don't you think this is important?
I feel that this is soo much important that I for myself spend *all*
of my spare time to this task and to the freeze thing and reduce
*everything* (including sleep).  If you don't like it, your problem.


There are lies, statistics and benchmarks.

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