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Re: Skipping the slink freeze and work on Debian 2.2 instead

> IMHO, the gap between the freeze and the release should be small.
> We should freeze when unstable is "stable" enough. The remaining time
> until the release should be spent in testing, not in fixing more bugs and
> doing yet more uploads (we should of course do that too).

It would be nice if this were possible, but it doesn't work in practice.
There are some many pieces in the system that there is no way that all
of it will become "stable enough".  The only choice remaining (that I can
see) is to announce the freeze way in advance so people know when its
coming and can plan for it.  However, nobody seems to plan for it, so
we need to have a long "freeze" period so people can do the fixes they
should have done a few weeks before.

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

 the difference between theory and practice is less in theory than in practice

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