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Re: developer status again

warp@whitestar.soark.net writes:

> >  Bo> I think think is unacebtable!
> > 
> > That is easy to say when someone else has to do the work. And no,
> > not anyone can volunteer and sign up for approving new developers,
> > since this is a position with a lot of responsibility, and
> > judgement, and the people doing this have to be well known and
> > trusted.
> Interesting, as NO ONE seems to know who actually does it...

What complete and utter rubbish.  If you really can't find anyone who
knows, you obviously didn't look very hard at all.
You know what would free up my time to work on new maintainer?  Not
having to answer FUD mails from non-maintainers.

> Also might it be reasonable for said people to reduce the number of
> packages they maintain so what time they do have could be spent
> processing new maintainers instead of digging through bug reports
> and such?

The time we donate to Debian (and it _is_ donated, unless someone
wants to pay me) is ours to choose how to use, not anyone else's.

> (Work which could be filled in by say, the new maintainers?)

You're presenting a ridiculously over-simplistic version of
events... we can not just take Joe Random new maintainer and make them
a) part of owner@bugs, b) part of ftpmaster@debian, c) part of
keyring-maint@debian or d) part of the m68k port, including running
one of the build daemons.  These are the things that take up most of
my Debian-time at the moment.

> No, but they do come close, yes, there are other issues, no, this
> does NOT mean we should be just ignoring people who are interested..

We're not for God's sake.  Stop lieing.  We're simply a little backed
up, all people who applied will get a reply in due course.


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