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Re: gdselect alpha 3

>>"Michael" == Michael Stone <mstone@taipei.itri.loyola.edu> writes:

 Michael> Quoting Jason Gunthorpe (jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca):
 >> I think this idea of 'lets quickly do something fast' is ill concieved and
 >> is ultimately going to hurt our image. I've looked at the latest version,
 >> it looks rather pretty, it's slightly more functional than dselect but
 >> that's about it.. It doesn't support any of the more sophisticated things
 >> that people are clamoring for, and it requires X, GTK and a wack of ram. 

 Michael> But it answers the people who think dselect is ugly and
 Michael> unintuitive and want something that runs under X.

	A quick and dirty answers is not really a good thing, don't
 you think? 

 Michael> Perhaps an incremental approach is good: a good gui for the
 Michael> existing product in this release, other features in other
 Michael> releases. Maybe apt will be better, but we haven't seen it
 Michael> yet (referring to the UI). Apt's been in development for a
 Michael> long time, maybe some friendly competition will help. And
 Michael> why can't we have multiple UI's to the package management
 Michael> system? This is linux: one size doesn't fit all.

	Competition is fine, let it get time to mature. The idea is
 simple: no new code after freeze. let this new system vie with apt at
 the next release.

	Since when have we considered scrapping quality just because
 people want something that ``looks pretty''? 

 I have never seen anything fill up a vacuum so fast and still
 suck. Rob Pike, on X.  Steve Jobs said two years ago that X is
 brain-damaged and it will be gone in two years.  He was half
 right. Dennis Ritchie Dennis Ritchie is twice as bright as Steve
 Jobs, and only half wrong. Jim Gettys
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