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Re: Deleting uncompressed Info/Doc files at upgrades

On Thursday 15 October 1998, at 17 h 31, the keyboard of Michael Stone 
<mstone@taipei.itri.loyola.edu> wrote:

> Hmm. We have zless to less gz'd files. Magicfilter will print them, as
> will a2ps (maybe some others will too, haven't tried it.) Netscape reads
> will grep them. vim reads them just fine. I'm drawing a blank on things
> I can't do with .gz'd files...

glimpse (don't tell me about .glimpse_filters, it's awfully slow)
mutt -a (if the recipient does not have gzip, for instance a regular MacOS or 
MS-Windows user. The problem is probably the same for all MUA.)
agrep (an approximative grep)

And this is just what I use often.

Do you mean that *every* application in Debian should be patched to read *.gz 


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