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Re: [RFC] Exim as standard Debian MTA?

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
>  I would prefer an MTA to be installed by default. People can then
>  choose to ignorte it totally. Debian is not windows; I would prefer
>  it to be a workstation OS if that is what it takes to not dumb it
>  down.

Sure.  And it's probably reasonable to provide a simple (aka "dumb")
default for configuration.  [Which is to say: straightforward delivery
mechanism, nothing optimized, no relaying enabled, and if there's no
tcp available then outbound mail won't get delivered.]  That way people
who don't want to be bothered with mailer configuration (or who don't
understand the issues) don't need to worry about customizing anything.


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