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Re: [RFC] Exim as standard Debian MTA?

> 	This is not windows. I would expect to see a SMTP server on
>  any UNIX installation. The novice can still ttally ignore the server
>  and use netscape, but we should make it easier for them to learn (why
>  would a novice try to use Linux, unless they were willing to learn?)

learning is why people want to use linux. but step by step and not 0 to 100.
debian is a 0 to 100 system, for example you can't install many programs
without answering configuration questions. to learn what the program is and
how it works, you would need to read the manual first, what you can not do
without first answering question. this is hard for learners.

you also expect some mail client like elm, mutt, emacs, gnus or whatever on
any unix installation. and these require an MTA, so you get one. you also
expect cron on every unix installation, and cron will require an mta, so you
get one. 

but debian isn't about what you think a unix should have. that way linux will
never get to the desktop, because you are not used to work with desktop
machines, rather unix workstations.

sorry, but i don't know anyone familiar with unix workstations who has not 
yet installed linux. do you know someone ? 

but i know lots of people who don't know unix, but know desktop os like
windows or sometimes apple or os/2. these are the people who do new linux
installations. and they don't need servers when installing linux for the first
time. they need a gui, netscape, maybe gimp, of course some games, an editor,
and a book "how to write a html page|cgi script|client server app|c program|
java program".

they don't read the entire 2000 packages list at the first time. you can't
expect anyone to read that list. but you can give them a save default,
and they can install something they are missing. 
people try to ignore programs they don't need. but cvs pservers, mta's and
other servers shouldn't be left alone. 

back to the topic : it's so easy to add an mta.
everybody who want's an mta, will also select a program like mutt, elm, cron,
at or so, that needs and mta. there will be no case, where someone is without
an mta, when he needs one.
but with a mta in standard priority, lots of people will get one, who don't
need it. i don't think this is a good idea.


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