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Re: KDE in hamm is a mess

>I don't think we can distribute kde with Gordon Matzigkeit's permission.
oh, there is no problem with libtool (written by gordon matzigkeit),
as it is used for building applications, and not linked with qt or kde.
you can even use libtool for a proprietary software.

>   The kde WWW Page has a statement, that all files are licenced under gpl.
>   But this package has not copyright notes or licences in all files, or in
>   global location, so the situation is unclear.
>And, in examining the copyright files I find a number of contradictions to
>the statement on the web page:  I've found at least a dozen other kinds
>of copyrights besides the GPL.

kde people never bothered with the licence stuff. after asking for licences
againa dn again and again, they put that disclaimer on the web page. everyone
still asking was responded "i don't see your propbelm. we have that disclaimer
on the web page.".

of course thet disclaimer only affects the files by the kde team, not the
imported source code (that has licences, different licences).

>That, combined with the above statement
>from kde's copyright file makes me suspect that a lot of software is 
>being distributed here without the permission of its authors.

it was some sort of this :
me> you wrote the kde program xxx. is this stuff under gpl ?
kde author> what's a gpl ? ug, i think so ?
me> then please add that header to all your source files.
kde author> uh, that's work, isn't it ? hey, we have that disclaimer on our
	web page, that should be enough.
me> oh, the license should be inside the package, best would be a header in
	every file.
kde author> ok, i will copy the COPYING file into tha package, that has to be
me> oh, but copying a licene into the package doesn't say that you are useing
	it... maybe you can add this header to every file *.c/*.h file ?
kde author> too every file ? that's silly.
me> maybe at least one sentence in the readme ?
kde author> *urgs* ok. done.


of course, these were the good kde author. many simply did not reply at all.
but there are also several good people in kde, who read the GPL, and added the
normal 10 line header to every file. and i think this was done for several
other file, too. maybe someone want's to check the current situation ?
yes, this means : look at every single file in the kde source tree !


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