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Re: KDE in hamm is a mess

I decided that someone needed to read all the licenses in contrib,
to see what's allowed and what's not.  I have a number of unanswered
questions about licenses, but when I started paying real attention to
KDE's copyright files I was startled.

I was wrong about the problem with KDE: the problem is much worse than
what I had originally assumed.

I'm going by what it says in the copyright file, plus what I know.

I don't think we can distribute kde with Gordon Matzigkeit's permission.

Also, the copyright file says outright (this taken from kdebase):

   The kde WWW Page has a statement, that all files are licenced under gpl.
   But this package has not copyright notes or licences in all files, or in
   global location, so the situation is unclear.

And, in examining the copyright files I find a number of contradictions to
the statement on the web page:  I've found at least a dozen other kinds
of copyrights besides the GPL.  That, combined with the above statement
from kde's copyright file makes me suspect that a lot of software is 
being distributed here without the permission of its authors.

Honestly, I don't see how we can justify distributing this stuff.


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