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Re: Official Debian 2.0 CD master images

On Tue, May 26, 1998 at 01:24:54PM +0200, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> Is anyone creaeting images at all ? There are lots of open questions.
> Becuase i didn't like the debian-cd shell scripts, i rewrote them and
> improved them to a Makefile. 

I have tested those, and they work great!

>  - what should be on the official images (only main ? also contrib ?
>  	project/ ? indices/ ? ...)

Right now main+contrib (which *could* be on a CD) won't fit. It overflows by
aproximatedly 40 MB. Taking contrib off the first CD cuts ~100 MB... leaving
enough room for as many documents as you want. Yesterday while I was on my
way home, it occured to me that putting the mailing lists archive could be
helpful (or kernel sources, or the web site...) project/ is a no-no (think
gettext). indices/ and doc/ is a must.

>  - european official images with non-US ?

*that* fits. In fact, I manually cut off certain parts of contrib and put
non-US there, but it's for personal use... the official cd have to have
everything on them. but please note there's non-free software in non-US
(well, from my point of view, everything on non-US is non-free). If non-US
is going to be included on *any* CD, someone has to make an override file
for it.

>  - how to split the stuff to cdroms ?
> 	main/source doesn't fit on one cdrom.


>       i move source/x11 to third cdrom.

I noticed.

>       binaries don't fit on one cdrom. main does, but main+contrib will
> 	probably not.

no, it doesn't.

>  - neither dselect nor apt can handle installing from two cdroms with one
> 	cd drive.

apt could... sort of. But it's very kludgy. Select one cd as the source
using a URL like "file:/foo/ something/bar/" and apt will "download" things.
Tell it to just download things. Not install them. Select the other cd as
source. Tell it to go ahead with the instalation. I don't know if this

>  - with 3 cdroms the third image will be nearly empty.

"nearly" means? Moving source/x11 there is about 100 MB used. That leaves
550 MB to stuff with things! Documentation would be nice... (the faq-o-matic
for example) As far as I remember, verdors could label the thing "Debian 2.0
Official CD Set" (or something like that) iff they distributed
binary+source, that means all the CD's get distributed and there's no chance
of "optional" documentation not getting distributed because it's on the
formerly-just-source cd.


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