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Re: Official Debian 2.0 CD master images

Is anyone creaeting images at all ? There are lots of open questions.
Becuase i didn't like the debian-cd shell scripts, i rewrote them and
improved them to a Makefile. 

There are still several open questions :
 - who is going to create the official images ?
 - what should be on the official images (only main ? also contrib ?
 	project/ ? indices/ ? ...)
 - european official images with non-US ?
 - how to split the stuff to cdroms ?
	main/source doesn't fit on one cdrom. i move source/x11 to third
	cdrom. binaries don't fit on one cdrom. main does, but main+contrib
	will probably not. debian want's to be a base for value added
	distributions. installing from several cdroms is a must for this.
 - neither dselect nor apt can handle installing from two cdroms with one
	cd drive.
 - with 3 cdroms the third image will be nearly empty.
 - i can do bootable cdroms for i386. but i have no clue about other
   architectures (how to they boot at all ?).
 - debian ftp mirror and official cd image distribution : 
 	only ftp ? anonymous rsync site would be great !
 - either apt or autoupdate. i propose apt.
 - bootdisks and apt could both need improvements too IMO.

i still think that debian shouldn't include non-free in its own cd's,
but if cdrom vendors create an extra cdrom with parts of non-free, this will
be ok. its essential that debian supports this. brkoen cdroms will bring a bad
reputation to the cdrom vendor, but also to debian.

>The creation of the Official release was a great idea.

its a good idea in the direction, that it helps to create sane images.
at least here in germany nearly no official debian cds were sold, because
a german cd vendor sold debian + debian-non-US + (parts of) non-free cdroms.

the problem is : createing cdroms must be fool proof. the official cdroms
fixed the symtoms, but didn't target the real problem.

>BTW, one of the inquiries came from LSL. They say they are currently
>taking "advanced orders simply because people insist on it!".
>They also said "We are fervant Debian supporters and want to
>continue to do so!". It's great that a commercial company has
>such positive things to say about us.

i got an email from linuxcentral.com, they are also very very very interested
in shipping debian cd's. the email was mailed to ian and me. 
to not confuse them more than necessary, i mailed to ian to clear some points,
but got no reply till now.

ian : are you still with us ?


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