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Re: MDA's was: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
> 	In my opinion, sendmail is well documented *and* has lots of
>  documentation. I also fail to find sendmail.cf obfuscatory -- but
>  then, I have been writing sendmail.cf files since 1992. 

Depends what you're trying to do, I suppose.

When I want tto rewrite mail, I find perl more convenient.  I don't
like how sendmail mixes mail rewriting with mail routing.

> Raul> In fact, a useful documentation tactic is to alter the program
> Raul> to make it easier to document.
> 	Are you saying this has happened to exim? or qmail? or
>  sendmail? or is it just a general statement?

General statement.


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