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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 01:37:28AM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > You need MTA.  You just do.  But you don't need a complex MTA.  If you
> > consider sendmail the standard to judge by, most everything is smaller,
> > simpler, or better for personal systems.  My personal choice for an MTA is
> > qmail.  The savings in configuration and maintenance (or lack of needing to
> > do either) far outweighs the time required to wait and watch it compile.
> qmail has weird licensing and completely-DFSG was part of Jim's goals.
> I think smail or exim would do fine. smail is reasonably straightforward,
> although requires some pretty hideous tricks to do some fairly simple
> things (like different alias files per domain). exim and smail are both
> easy to set up with the provided configuration programs though
> (which seem pretty much identical in my limited experience).

smail is NASTY to configure over dialup links.  And getting worse it seems. 
I couldn't do it.  sendmail is clearly not suited for the task.  exim might
be, but I haven't used it and if its configuration program is identical to
smail's I would not be able to.  There is no simple way to set up local mail
to be delivered locally and other mail to go out over dialup connection when
you connect.

qmail was the only one I tried that would do this without lots of
configuration.  You could even set control/me in ip-up.d/, or just use your
ISP's domain.

> > You DON'T need a news server.  slrn is a good thing here!
> Any newsreader, for that matter -- rtin, for example.

Any news reader which can use the nntp server of your ISP, but then these
are dialup 28.8 people.  That's why I said slrn.  Frankly slrn is much
easier to use than most others and slrn has the also easy to use slrnpull
program which will pull news for you without making you wait while it gets
every little message.

slrnpull is the only small news gatherer that will actually keep the spool
small.  slrnpull will (with appropriate scorefile) kill spam and not create
groups you don't pull for crossposts.  leafnode doesn't do this, but
leafnode has also a server (something I wish slrnpull did)

slrnpull should probably be seperated from slrn simply because there's
nothing in it that REQUIRES slrn other than that it puts things in
/var/spool/slrnpull (can be changed) and if you don't LIKE slrn you can
still have slrnpull, etc.

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