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Re: MDA's was: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

srivasta@datasync.com (Manoj Srivastava)  wrote on 03.05.98 in <87wwc2gbdr.fsf@tiamat.datasync.com>:

> >>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

Raul>> wrl@gandalf.wconsult.com <wrl@gandalf.wconsult.com> wrote:
> >> Sendmail configuration is tough but it is also the best documented
> >> MTA bar none!

Raul>> Please don't confuse lots of documentation for well documented.

> 	In my opinion, sendmail is well documented *and* has lots of
>  documentation. I also fail to find sendmail.cf obfuscatory -- but
>  then, I have been writing sendmail.cf files since 1992.

Rewrote a sendmail.cf from scratch (witout any help from m4) in the  
eighties. Still think it's the most confusing MTA config I've ever seen.

Smail was about what I wanted while battling sendmail. And Exim is Smail  
done right.

Raul>> In fact, a useful documentation tactic is to alter the program
Raul>> to make it easier to document.

> 	Are you saying this has happened to exim? or qmail? or
>  sendmail? or is it just a general statement?

Well, you _could_ argue that this is the Smail -> Exim step. But I don't  
really care.

Sure, Exim can do a lot, but most stuff is really easy to do.

MfG Kai

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