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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sat, May 02, 1998 at 12:15:32PM +0100, Mark Baker wrote:
> >  - targetted towards desktop use only, no server apps, just a few games
> > 
> >  - minimal size - optimized for installation via 28.8k modem via FTP,
> >    which will be the primary distribution mechanism (not CD).
> These don't seem consistent to me. If people are the wrong side of a dialup
> link, they need to have a local MTA (actually most people ought to have that
> even if they're not, although the configuration is significantly simpler if
> they're on a permanent fast network connection and so don't need local
> mailboxes) and a local news server.

You need MTA.  You just do.  But you don't need a complex MTA.  If you
consider sendmail the standard to judge by, most everything is smaller,
simpler, or better for personal systems.  My personal choice for an MTA is
qmail.  The savings in configuration and maintenance (or lack of needing to
do either) far outweighs the time required to wait and watch it compile.

You DON'T need a news server.  slrn is a good thing here!

You don't need ftpd and telnetd.  You probably do need an http server for
documentation, but then again dhttpd is small and does the job nicely.

The only other servers that I can fathom a home user wanting are xservers.. 

> Other than that, it sounds good---not for me, and probably not for the
> majority of Debian's existing users, of course, but for people who want a
> simple desktop OS that's easier to use than Windows.

Well, I wouldn't want the games, but essentially the small dist that is easy
to use would be a REALLY NICE THING.  And really there is almost NO work
duplicated because all you need to make of your own is any custom packages
you want, a new base-files, and of course installation floppies.

I'm collecting names of those who have either emailled me or mentioned
interest in seeing Debian a little easier on the novice user (but without
getting annoying to the experienced user!) and will be in the next day or
two trying to see if maybe we can get some projects organized to make Debian
and Linux in general a little more friendly.  The net result is that the
above games dist and my mini-show-off-the-power-of-linux dist will be
possible.  Just build base-files and floppies.  The rest is already in

I don't think many people mind a few unofficial debian dists that meet needs
Debian doesn't quite fill.  Of course, with such a diverse group, I'm
probably wrong, but I'll take my chances this time.  =>

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