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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

>>"Rev" == Rev Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@earthlink.net> writes:

Rev> The script didn't deal with the fact that I didn't have a static
Rev> IP/name.

	Hmm. I don't quite understand that -- I think I just had my
 machine set up as or something (I could also have used or something). I had /etc/hosts set up with that -- and
 said order hosts,bind in /etc/host.conf. 

	I had sendmail working for me as far back as I remember (like
 linux 0.98.XX) -- and I just got a static IP address late last year. 

Rev> procmail is a weird and complicated thing? dynamic IPs are a
Rev> weird and complicated thing?

	Nope. I would never cal procmail complicated. Underpowered,
 yes, complicated, no.

Rev> If you have to edit these files by hand, the script doesn't deal
Rev> with all cases. 

	No, unfortunately, the script does not deal with all cases. It
 did deal with my dynamic IP, though, by (I think( ignoring the issue:
 I dont't think sendmail.cf knows about it now. Nope, sendmail.cf does
 not know I have a ip address. 

__> getnet tiamat
tiamat.datasync.com  [] an unnamed network
__> egrep 206 /etc/sendmail.cf 

	I fail to understand the problems you had, but in my case, I
 have never had a problem with sendmail. 

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