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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 12:54:20AM -0400, wrl@gandalf.wconsult.com wrote:
> I think I'm confused too thought that is not such an unusual state latesly...
> Fetchmail IS POP (or IMAP and somthing else but definately NOT smtp) for 
> __getting__ the mail.  It IS also smtp for handing the mail to the machine
> that it is running on (though I guess that with the --mda procmail switch
> it probably uses pipes instead of port 25).


> Again, though I will willingly admit to not knowing lots of stuff but what
> ISPs _receive_ mail from a user without using smtp to do it (other than the 
> completely proprietary systems such as AOL, Juno, etc.)?

None.  Your mail program either has support for your ISP's smtp server
directly (pine and netscape) or it doesn't and you use something like ssmtp
which does little more than put the mail on your ISP's mailhub.  (it will
deliver root and daemon mail to some user of your choice)

The problem we've hit now is that ssmtp doesn't queue mail.  Well, if it
can't send the message and resturns an error code, we can use it fine as it
is with a perl wrapper to fake a queue.  However, if it doesn't, we'll have
to modify the program, something that would be a good idea anyway.

If the utility you want doesn't exist, modify or build a wrapper around
something that does similar.  smmtp is small, which is what we want.

IMAP is a bi-directional protocol, BTW.

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