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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 07:38:57PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Rev> The script didn't deal with the fact that I didn't have a static
> Rev> IP/name.
> 	Hmm. I don't quite understand that -- I think I just had my
>  machine set up as or something (I could also have used
> or something). I had /etc/hosts set up with that -- and
>  said order hosts,bind in /etc/host.conf. 

I almost understand that.  I think.  =>  Yeah, I could have done it that way
-IF- I understood all of that then, but I didn't.  And I don't think I would
expect most newbies to understand it outta the crib---er, I mean outta
windoze either.  (I came from OS/2 personally)

> 	I had sendmail working for me as far back as I remember (like
>  linux 0.98.XX) -- and I just got a static IP address late last year. 
> Rev> procmail is a weird and complicated thing? dynamic IPs are a
> Rev> weird and complicated thing?
> 	Nope. I would never cal procmail complicated. Underpowered,
>  yes, complicated, no.

<grumble grumble> underpowered <grumble> mailagent maintainer <grumble> perl
<grumble grumble> slices and dices <grumble>

> 	I fail to understand the problems you had, but in my case, I
>  have never had a problem with sendmail. 

The biggest problems I had with sendmail seem to stem from being a new user. 
Which is why I say, sendmail does not seem to be a good solution for a first
linux system--especially if coming from Windoze..

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