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Re: Debian Bug#20445 disagree

> > From a logical point of view, I think project/experimental is the best
> > choice. Why don't we include selected directories from there on the official
> > CD (I think of gettext (ouch, don't beat me), 2.1.x software, ...)?
> Project/experimental is not part of hamm.

Yes.  That's exactly my point.  I don't want these packages to be "part
of Hamm" since they won't run on a stock Hamm system.

The main (only?) concern is about including these on the CD.  If we were
to include "project/experimental" on the CD, they those packages would be

As release manager, I don't have a problem including project/experimental
as long as there is room.

The choices are:  don't ship them, ship them in contrib, or ship them
in project/experimental.

My preference would be the first or the third, but I'll allow the second.

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