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Re: Debian Bug#20445 disagree

> > > How many of these people had problems from properly built packages?
> >
> > All of them.  It was that the packages didn't work in certain situations.
> Were these "Extra" packages?

One was X.  I don't recall off hand what the other problems were.

> > > What about people who need such support now (before the cd is released).
> >
> > Get it from "unstable", just as you have in the past.
> Doesn't that imply that I put "unstable" in my configuration, and
> that as packages appear in unstable my system will automatically
> acquire them as I run dselect?


> Or, more generally, am I supposed to not use dselect to manage these
> packages?

The subject in question is whether to include these packages in "stable".
"unstable" will include them for sure.

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