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Re: Debian Bug#20445 disagree

> > 2.1 kernel-requiring stuff (and a current 2.1 kernel?) can be included
> > under "contrib".  This keeps it out of "main" and puts it into the realm
> > of "user-beware".  (Note:  This is not to insinuate that everything in
> > contrib is dangerous or anything, but just that you should think at least
> > once before installing it.)
> I'm not sure how many people think about contrib (I seldom look at the section
> when installing software, well, I get suspicious if it is non-free), and it
> doesn't quite meet the definition of contrib (more the spirit of extra),
> but if you think it is appropriate...

I was thinking "project/experimental" would be better, but I don't think
that goes out on many CDs.

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