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Re: Debian Bug#20445 disagree

> > > Also, how likely are the current versions of these programs
> > > to work with future versions of the unstable 2.1 kernel and the 2.2
> > > kernel that will eventually come from it?
> True enough. But a Debian 2.1.x package and packages that works with it
> could be good for seeing and trying out. So you know what debian packages
> there are and what they provide before you even switch on your modem.
> OTOH, we don't have a kernel-source package for hamm.
> So you have made your point, as I have made mine.

Okay, how about this...

2.1 kernel-requiring stuff (and a current 2.1 kernel?) can be included
under "contrib".  This keeps it out of "main" and puts it into the realm
of "user-beware".  (Note:  This is not to insinuate that everything in
contrib is dangerous or anything, but just that you should think at least
once before installing it.)


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