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Re: Debian Bug#20445 disagree

Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> wrote:
> I understand this and it is a good point. My concern is with people
> who are trying to install Debian and the difficulties they encounter.
> There have been several posts lately from experienced people who tried
> to install Debian and had it blow up in their faces. Such happenings
> can greatly hinder Debian's reputation and general acceptance.

How many of these people had problems from properly built packages?

> What do you figure to be the number of people who will want to use these
> utilities with a 2.1 kernel that do _not_ have any sort of internet
> access?  Also, how likely are the current versions of these programs
> to work with future versions of the unstable 2.1 kernel and the 2.2
> kernel that will eventually come from it?

What about people who need such support now (before the cd is released).

[such as myself.]


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