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Re: laggy lintian

Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

> Why are you thinking I'm `blaming' you for bugs???

Because you wrote:

> > > (Besides, the problems lintian discovered existed in most
> > > packages for _months_ (or even years) and lintian reported them a
> > > few weeks ago already. If you had uploaded the package 2-3 days
> > > earlier, lintian would have noticed it!)

The implication here is that we are at least partly responsible and we
should have done something earlier.  I object strongly to that

[ long explanation of lintian and it's raison d'etre snipped ]

> In summary, please don't take these bug reports to seriously--just
> handle them as any other bug report. If the problems are already
> fixed, just close the bug report.

I did; *you* were the one who started this discussion on debian.devel
and implied that I had a) had critical bugs against by packages open
for months if not years, b) only ``just'' fixed them, and c) had the
all-powerful lintian to thank for finding of these bugs.  None of
which is true.


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