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Placement of console device for `virtual-dev' package

Hello fellow developers,

I have a few small problems with the `virtual-dev' package I've
uploaded to project/experimental...

The package copies /dev to a ramdisk and mounts this over the top of
the normal /dev in an rc.boot script.  It also adds an entry to
/etc/fstab for the ramdisk so that umount can unmount it cleanly when
the machine is shut down.

Unfortunately, when init runs the shut-down rc script, it opens
/dev/console and passes this as stdin/out/err to the script, and this
prevents umount from unmounting /dev.

- I can put /dev/console elsewhere (say /etc/console) and symlink it to
  /dev/console.  This solves the problem, and /dev unmounts cleanly.
  I'm not sure where I can place this device, though, in such a way
  that it's fsstnd compliant, and guaranteed to be on the root
  filesystem.  /etc/console is not ideal, I suspect.  Any ideas?

- I can leave out the entry in /etc/fstab causing umount not to bother
  unmounting /dev.  Since / is never unmounted, only remounted
  read-only, this shouldn't cause a problem, and eliminates the
  annoying message at shutdown time.

Any ideas as to which of these is best?

Another minor issue: the package name currently ends in `-dev', but it
isn't a library support package like the other `-dev's!  Can you think
of a better name for this package?


--Charles Briscoe-Smith
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