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Re: Placement of console device for `virtual-dev' package

In article <199710011324.OAA26728@ash.ukc.ac.uk>,
Charles Briscoe-Smith <cpb4@ukc.ac.uk> wrote:
>Hello fellow developers,
>I have a few small problems with the `virtual-dev' package I've
>uploaded to project/experimental...
>The package copies /dev to a ramdisk and mounts this over the top of
>the normal /dev in an rc.boot script.  It also adds an entry to
>/etc/fstab for the ramdisk so that umount can unmount it cleanly when
>the machine is shut down.
>Unfortunately, when init runs the shut-down rc script, it opens
>/dev/console and passes this as stdin/out/err to the script, and this
>prevents umount from unmounting /dev.

So the shutdown script should be modified. How about this:

if grep -q " /dev " /etc/mtab
	# /dev is on a seperate FS.
	exec 0>&- 1>&- 2>&-
umount -a
if [ "$reopen" ]
	exec 0<>/dev/console 1>&0 2>&0

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