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Re: Placement of console device for `virtual-dev' package

Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
> Another minor issue: the package name currently ends in `-dev', but it
> isn't a library support package like the other `-dev's!  Can you think
> of a better name for this package?

IMHO a foo-dev package is not only for libraries, but contains stuff
that is needed _only_ to build binary pacakges from sources, while foo
package contains parts needed by binary packages.

As a rule of thumb, I'll say that foo-dev don't normally appear in the
Depends field of a binary package, but in the Source-Depends of its
source (if we could only have it :-)
Exceptions are -dev or -dbg package and the dpkg-* crowd.

Maybe it's already explained in the policy manual ... I've not cheched.

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