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Re: Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Will Lowe wrote:

> 	Is the point in this whole debate to "Win",  or just to distribute
> free software?  I say change the name rather than *bother* with a fight.

This isnt a good idea.  They are encroaching on our right to distribute
free software.  If we allow this, how many other packages will we have to

Also, the renaming will just make Debian unfriendlier.  I mean, when
people want to play Tetris, they see xtetris, and know what it is.  Who
the HECK (outside of us who have seen this debate) are going to have a
CLUE that tnt is a tetris clone... unless they are just browsing through
all the games.  But if they are fresh to it, and JUST want to install a
tetris like game, they'll go /tetris in dselect, nothing will come up, so
bammo, they shrug and move on and never find it.

Etc.  Its just kludgy and totally contrary to current practice.

Lets get the LPF involved.  No need to waste Debian resources.


Jonathan Walther

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