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Re: Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name

I probably shouldn't do this as I'm just fueling the fire.

Tetris is trademarked (I'm assuming it is anyway) not copyrighted.
Names, short phrases and slogans can't be copyrighted.
The source code, if published, would be copyrighted.

If you really think that xtetris doesn't infringe on their trademark,
go make a new soft drink and try to sell it as Cocas Cola (even if
your name was Coca). It would be interesting to see the herd of
lawyers running after you.

That said, let's get the thing renamed and get on with improving

- Sue

If you'd like to read some interesting info on copyrights and
patents as they pertain to computers and software (and have a few days
free. Lots of stuff there) check out

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